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[livejournal.com profile] mighty_1? I believe we may need to have The Talk with the cats about their catnip habit.

They've apparently gotten tired of licking the mice to get to the 'nip, and are now making tea. (That color? NOT the floor. That thing was steeped.)
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And, because it was a really cute pic that I took earlier (cross your fingers that the random luck of the draw "contest" it got entered in wins me new reading material from one of my favoritest authors ever), here:

Gratuitous cattage.

Torin steals my books again

Now I try to extricate boy from computer so I can go walk Prince Fluffybutt today.
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In the realm of amusing things, Mighty_1's cat, Yurt, has decided that in his absence while he is off fighting at Gulf War, I am her human. She has spent the last few days curled up at my feet while I'm at my desk (there's a box with a cat blanket thingy on it there), and as of today has decided that Torin is SoL on getting laptime on the couch. She is, as I type, purring on my lap while Tor sits, sulking, on the far arm of the couch.

It amuses me endlessly. Especially the pissy glares I'm getting from His Stripeyness...
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Things not to do when one is over-tired and should really be going to bed:

~Operate heavy machinery
~Wander around Petfinder.com and look at kittens.

I really need to go to bed.
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In the interest of making things easier for the folks who have offered to help, I do have a PayPal account and have set up a donation button for Torin's Trip to the Vet. (If this doesn't work for you, no worries. Alternate means can be arranged.)

So, here it is:

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So, the dealy. We're waiting on test results, but other signs point to my idiot cat licked something he shouldn't have, and understandably we had digestive issues as a result. So that should be ok. We have meds and stuff to prevent further infection as a result, but that looks to be a done deal. (Barring other findings when the tests results come in, anyway.)

However, there is a small problem, and if it were me, I wouldn't do this but it's my baby and I will beg and grovel to make sure he gets what he needs. My baby needs god-parents. He has to have most of his teeth extracted, and can't really eat much he's in so much pain. (Not to mention running the attendant risks from having infection that close to one's brain.) Also, he's due for his ultrasound for his heart murmur to make sure it's still not changing. The problem? I'm looking at being about $600 short of being able to do this, after I drain my bank account down to the lint at the bottom.

I really hate being in this position to have to ask, but if anyone can spare anything to help, I could sure use it right now. I will do everything in my power to return what I owe as soon as I am able, but in the meantime, well, you know...

Mrr. :(


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