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In yet another milestone, tomorrow I retrieve my stuff from storage. (In an amusing Jungian slip, I originally typed "myself" there.) One of the things I've been wracking through my brain (aside from the self-appointed deadline of having all of the boxes sorted, pared down, things donated/thrown away, and all currently non-useable items sent to Boy's storage unit by December 1st, thereby returning Mighty_1's storage room to him), has been how to store my art stuff neatly and in such a way that when larps are run in the room, there isn't a glaring stack of OOG stuff staring at the PC's.

I figured it out, but it's going to take some work. See, I have this 6-ft. bookcase in storage still. It should fit most, if not all, of my current stock on it. I have this plan to get some wood, a bit of fabric, and maybe the odd bit here and there, and make a "Chinese Screen" door for it. Not that I've ever made one, but I've got an idea of what I want and two helpful guys who know how to build things very easily accessible.

*festers more*

It also prompted an idea for decorative wall/window pieces that I'd kind of like to try and conjure up...
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Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned about moving my collection of stuff and things from storage?

Well, here's the deal. On October 16th, I will be making with the rental of a U-Haul to move not only my stuff from storage (currently located in Stoneham...I love the rates listed...ALL LIES!!!!) to here in Pepperell, but will also include the side trip of moving Rellik_canard out of the Wolfeden and into Mighty_1's, as well. Happily as this is primarily a storage unit move, most everything is in boxes already and just needs to go from Point A to Point B. There are, however, several pieces of furniture involved (beds, kitchen set, couch, and a piano), as well, it's everything I own.

At this point in time I'm figuring the usual "get truck and meet at 10 AM, move stuff, will provide pizza/beer/other nibbles for those what can't have pizza" plan. Order of arrangement has not yet been determined, as there may or may not be an additional stop involved. Otherwise,that's what I've got.

At some point I'll need an official head-count so I know whether or not I need to start panicking. ;)
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I couldn't help myself. It was in my head, so I had to give it a try. Feel free to repost if you wish and think it might help.

Temporary Home Needed ASAP )


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