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I realized a little bit ago that with Spring right around the corner and graduation looming on the horizon that I'll soon have free time again. Which means I'll have time to actually start working with Heavenly Goddess again. Guess I should start thinking about getting that website updated, too! (It's been sitting collecting virtual dust since I switched from the day classes to the night/weekend ones and hasn't done a thing since. It's a wee bit out of date.)
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So, as folks may or may not know or remember, a little while back I signed up for a fantastic little company called Heavenly Goddess. Heavenly Goddess is a division of Athena's Home Novelties (which I know many of you are familiar with) that deals exclusively with the bath and body line of products. I did this as a way to make myself some money while I'm in school, and maybe be a reasonably functional member of society again.

I can't do this without you, though, my friends. If you are interested in hosting a party, or know someone who might be, I'm open for business! Don't have time/space/inclination to host, but still would like to sample the wares? No problem! I have catalogs, and the link to the website is above and below. If you don't want to order online, still no worries, I can place the order for you in just a few minutes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Goddess# 2872
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My Heavenly Goddess kit came in, and my Goddess# is officially 2872. (Yes, that is the link to my own webpage for it. I'll update the poor thing the first spare second I get, but that's me!)

*happy dance*

(Fyremaiden's living room ) may look vaguely like Christmas exploded in April at the moment. I got a little excited when the box arrived. *looks innocent* But...but...smelly things!!!!)

Now to get my paperwork in, do a bit of studying up on doing parties, and start booking!

Sadly, I have to wait until next week to do that, though. This week is booked solid between school ramping up on the homework a bit and getting ready for Endgame this weekend. Next week, though...

*vanishes back under the mountain of textbooks*


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