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Getting better at this?

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Today was a gorgeous day, and despite it being a bitchy knee day, the boy and I went for a walk. I remembered my camera, and there may have been a little poking around on the outside accessible parts of the old Paper Mill...

Peectures on the other side of the link. :D
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For some reason, I'm particularly fond of this photo...

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So, yeah... I went to go head out to walk His Highness, Prince Fluffybutt, today, and found this ) I swear there's a car under there. After a bit of digging, we were able to get it moved a bit to one side, so I can actually make it out of the driveway now. It made a snow angel ).

Remember that gate I've been taking pictures of as it slowly vanishes under the snow? This ) is it from the other side, on the sidewalk. (Due to the town snowblowing the sidewalk into the yard, we've now lost it.) Across the street, we have a parking lot. ) It's the same ground level as the driveway. For some scale, the boy waded in ). I believe the phrase he so delicately used was "I'm up to my balls." Mind you, the boy is 5' 10" (5' 11" in his boots). He said there was still more snow under him, he wasn't actually on the ground.

It can be spring NOW PLEASE!
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The cuteness, it overwhelms me... This little guy is currently napped out in the tree just outside the window (he's since curled up with his little tail over his nose, but the camera just wasn't getting a good shot, and I didn't want to wake him.)

Warm and sleepy...


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