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Flower bed planted? Check.
Lovely nice compost added? Check.
Impatiently festering for tiny green flowers to grow? Check.
Knee informing that going for a nice long walk immediately after gardening was not a smart idea? Check.

Someday, I will learn. I swear. In the meantime, my little flower bed is now just waiting for things to start making with the growing. My little grass patches seem to be doing nicely, which means acquiring more grass-seed is probably in order. All of my potted herbs are now growing (the basil is multi-colored, which is neat...some of them are PURPLE!) and in a few weeks I'll be able to have nice fresh herbs in my food.

Hooray for green things!


Apr. 27th, 2011 02:41 pm
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So, I promised a couple weeks ago that I'd show what the yard turns into with the violet infestation. Here ) is a good indication of what's to come.

The happy thing? There were two small areas I decided to try some test patches of grass seed with...

Glee! )

Still waiting for the herbs to poke their heads out of the soil, but that probably won't happen for a few more days yet. *keeps staring at dirt*
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Knees, I haz dem.

Today for Earth Day (okay, so I was planning on doing it anyway), I tackled the flower bed again in an attempt to kill off more of the violets and other denizens that I do not wish to be squatting in it. Since we've still been getting below freezing nights I haven't been able to plant any seeds in it yet, though it looks like tonight will likely be the last night of that for at least a week or more. Possibly the last of the season at this point. I ripped out many more root-balls, tilled up the soil good, and then wet it down with plant vitamin water ("organic" liquid plant food) to try and feed up the soil a bit.

Of course now my back is cranky and my knees have the opinion that I should please to die in a fire, but the bed should be in reasonable shape to do a bit of planting next week. (The weather is supposed to be damp for the next few days, and while they might like that, I don't care to be out in it. I'll deal with hauling a watering can.)

Yay productivity!

Now where did I put that bottle of whiskey...
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Today I learned that I am perhaps not in good enough shape anymore to combine the activities of dog-walking, poi practice, and gardening all in the same day. Especially a day that includes enough pollen to make my lungs cry. Very much with the sore and the achy tonight.

However, I did get two small test patches of grass-seed put down, figured out how to open and close the composting drum ), and got my herb seeds into their container ). I also may have begged for a return trip to the greenhouse for the orange mint that has been haunting my dreams for the last few days. So, now I have a wee collection of plants growing and hopefully soon to be growing carefully stored on the porch for the night (of course, as I just planted them, it's supposed to get below freezing tonight). Yay plants, though!

Now to go work on getting the next post for Living Plaid written and ready to put up tomorrow. I'm pleased that the Amazon storefront thingy that I put up had a sale before it had even been up for 24 hours. Hopefully this is a good sign! Tomorrow I should also go in the quest for the new printer, while it's on sale for damned near 50% off! Oh, to be able to do my own prints again!
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It was a rather lovely day today, and so there was the annual attacking of the yard for some spring gardening )

Now, I have guacamole setting on the counter that should be just about ready to eat.

*Hmm...mental note: find reason to candy violet flowers in a few weeks when the bastards start to bloom.


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