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Right. Apparently Google isn't compatible with ITSELF. Back to the drawing board...

Investigating Artfire?
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Hey Chrome users~ Are a lot of folks having issues with my website crashing the browser? (If this is a widespread problem, I may need to reassess the new Checkout system.)

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Good Christ, my desktop computer is running Windows 98... This so far needs fixing...

I WIN!!!!!

Oct. 26th, 2010 08:08 pm
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Okay, so earlier today I decided that the deciding factor on which blog service I was going to use depended on ease of setting up a PayPal button and being able to RSS it elsewhere (particularly to here on LJ, for my friends who don't want to deal with 40 different sites). Turns out, it was blogspot. Wgptrey was an absolute dear and helped me with figuring out the syndication stuff to LJ, and after a long wait (there's apparently a several hour lag time between them), it finally came through!

Eeee!!! I didn't blow up the Interwebs!

So, for those who don't feel like looking elsewhere, here! Have an LJ feed!
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Whoot! I can haz shiny new GPS! (It's very pretty, and wee, and adorable, and I just hope it doesn't have a mean sense of humour and insist that I really want to find the Lost Island of Mu, 'cause that would be embarrassing to have to get a rescue from...)
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Remember a couple weeks ago, when I was kicking around the idea of getting a GPS? (I got a little side-tracked by the whole friend going into labor the same day, etc., and am just now getting back to it.)

Found this on Amazon. Since I have NO IDEA what I'm looking at, I figured I'd bounce it off folks before I go ahead and click the "Purchase" button. (I like this one better than the 4.3 sizes, 'cause well, my car it is very wee.)

Garmin nuvi 255.

Thoughts? Is this a good idea?


Sep. 1st, 2010 11:17 am
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Not that I think that any of my friends would be rude enough to cross-post anything that is in my LJ to Facebook or Twitter, however just in case someone accidentally forgets in the rush, please make sure you don't. I intentionally keep this separate, as there are folks over in FB/Twitterland that I very much do not wish to have any connection to my LJ for very major reasons, which is why it is almost exclusively Friends-locked.

For myself, I do not have the settings enabled, nor is my LJ connected in any way to my Facebook/Twitter pages, so I can't accidentally cross-post. Hopefully they'll correct the annoying feature that allows it to repost things that are locked soon. LJ does seem to be good about fixing things that irritate their users when they tell them to.

Thanks! :)
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So, I found this new button on my website, that allows people to leave reviews, if anyone happens to be so inclined. It seems to take a little while for it to send me the notification for approval, so it doesn't appear right away, but in the end it gets there.

Someday, I'll figure out how to attach a linky-thing from it to the Facebook page, but that's being particularly arcane today.
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Huh. So, Amazon seems to have a shiny new thing for ebooks...A free Kindle application for the computer. Of course, being the girl with roughly seven bookcases worth of books in storage and a dire reading issue* lately, this is seeming like it may be a good idea to get my hands on some newer books than what's on Sacred Texts or Project Gutenberg. While I much prefer the feel of paper and ink under my fingertips, space is at a premium so technology** may be the right track for me to go right now?

*I've read all of the brain candy in my room seventeen times over and after a year of reading exclusively textbooks, I'd like to read something a bit lighter for a bit. Seriously, I'm currently rereading Mercedes Lackey books to satisfy my need to not read about the digestive tract or anatomy texts.

**I know, I know...mixing me and technology is probably not the best idea I've ever had, but beggars can't be choosers. Much. ;)


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