Jun. 6th, 2011


Jun. 6th, 2011 02:44 pm
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Ow, my everything. Learning an ENTIRELY new fighting style more or less on the fly? For three days? Not recommended. I'm surprisingly good at blocking with a staff, though, and I could get used to this being a caster idea. I just need to work on my aim a bit more. Also need to remember to put sunscreen on my head. A sunburned scalp is a special kind of hell.

So, yeah... Interesting event, on many levels. Tons of RP (especially with some of the new folks in town), got to get most of the town involved in helping me out with my research (ie., please beat up Spectre McSpectreface for his lunch money (and paper bits) so I can get to the next level of digging up dirt on Mashala, who is probably going to come hunting my ass down for being a little too nosy one of these days) which, I have to say, was pretty damned cool. Definitely spent more time directly involved in things than I usually do, which I'm proud of myself for. (The problem with being stupidly shy sometimes is that you tend to NOT get involved in stuff when you really should. I'm working to fix this.) Need to figure out how to convince people "No really, please haul my ass out of bed. I want to interact with this NPC, I just physically OOG can't stay up that late, but can force my carcass up if I'd had some sleep time".

I'm also resigning myself to the fact that Pre-Invasion, Morgan was That Chick Who Cries At Hallmark Commercials. Oh dear gods, I haven't made it through a single event without crying. Which is made all the worse, because I couldn't cry on cue if you paid me. That's all Morgan. *grumble* First she cried when Melody's dog showed up, because she was so happy for her adopted sister and was very relieved that she wouldn't be alone in her new duties as the Lighthouse Keeper and she really needs to have a dog with her and so she doesn't have to worry about her anymore, and then she was practically sobbing when Melody left, because she's going to horribly miss her sister and had been hoping that she would stand as one of her Pillars when she takes up the duties of Lanternbearer, as Melody was one of the people that kept Morgan from falling into despair. (Dear gods, have a run-on sentence.) She's consoling herself with the fact that she can still visit her at her lighthouse, and because she's it's Guardian, she'll be around for a long time to come, and will keep the teakettle on and Oberon (the dog) has been informed that when the hound-faced woman shows up, it's just Morgan, please let her in.

This year is going to be a very interesting one for Morgan, though. I REALLY need to figure out my Pillars, but have had the interesting realization that of everyone in town, the main people she hangs out with are either others on the same path or are already pillars for other people. Much thinking needs to be done.

Overall, good times. I really <3 this game and am very happy to be back playing my "real" character again. And that is now the end of my brain cells for the day. :)
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Also, a couple new posts and a new shiny widgety thing. This concludes my brain-power for the day. ;)


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