Apr. 19th, 2011

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Srsly, ppl. WTF?

Edit: A video that shows the umbrella. 'Cause yeah, it TOTALLY looks like a gun. Ya know, aside from being the wrong shape and color and looking nothing like a rifle except for being the same length...

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Rest in peace, Elisabeth. You were always my favorite.
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Since I've been wandering around today sniffling about this and watching reruns on Netflix, I thought I'd write things out a bit.

It's been mentioned once or twice that I'm something of a Doctor Who fan. Have been all of my life. My dad and I used to watch them every week when I was little. It shaped a lot of who I became, in a strange sort of way. Particularly one character, Miss Sarah Jane Smith. She was my hero, and I kinda wanted to be her when I grew up. I still kinda do. She was smart, self-assured, strong, and could hold her own against the Doctor, all the while being sweet, polite, and just plain a lovely person. She was always my favorite of the Doctor's companions. She was the companion who was independent and strong all on her own, and had a charisma and charm that none of the others had. To me, she was the perfect companion, and a good model of someone I wanted to emulate. (No small task for someone who normally has no use for character idolization.)

When I finally was able to catch up on the new seasons in the last couple of years (haven't had much tv access for a couple of years) I completely fangirled when I saw the episode "School Reunion". I squeed out loud and may have done the excited clapping while making "eee" noises. I was riveted the entire episode and got more than a little misty-eyed at the end. She was almost unchanged from the wonderful character I had grown up with, and I drank in the episode like it was the most glorious and rare wine.

From all accounts, Elisabeth Sladen was as sweet and wonderful in her real life off the sets. Today we learned the sad news that she lost her battle with cancer at the age of 63. I've never really had the death of a celebrity who I've never met affect me before, but I've found myself crying over her loss. She was a special woman, who touched so many of our lives very deeply. Her portrayal of Sarah Jane gave so many young girls the confidence and belief in themselves that they, too, could be strong and smart and capable, and the world is a little darker tonight because of her loss.

Good-night, dear lady. We will miss you very much.


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