Apr. 4th, 2011

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OMG, they're driving me crazy. Seriously. I escaped from you nearly a year ago, LEAVE ME THE F ALONE!

It was one thing when you called me months back to get a piece of paper telling you whether or not I'm currently working in the field. When I explained to you why you were not going to get the correct information (i.e., the doctor who looked at my knee back in September, with my consent, listed it as "knee sprain" in the record so that I only had to pay the minimum fee for having it looked at, with the admonition to hie myself to an orthopedist as it was most definitely NOT an injury. However, this means that the record is technically incorrect, and is not going to be accepted by the state as "Incapable of Being A Practicing MT".) and told you that I was not driving back out to the walk-in clinic just to get you an incorrect document, the correct response should have been "Well, we tried. Thank you, anyway." Not to continue to call me every month until my phone was disconnected, and THEN START EMAILING ME.

To have the friggin' president of the school start emailing me is now beyond irritating into "You are now pissing me off". No, I'm not helping you on this. I do not like how you handle my financial aid. I do not like how you continuously pared information out of the curriculum, had teachers who contradicted one another, and generally gave me what I feel is a substandard education for the money and aggravation I had to shell out.

In addition, I seriously doubt that the State is going to penalize you if ONE student doesn't respond. Oh, unless enough students are refusing to answer that you are freaking out that you will lose your accreditation. Know what? Don't care. You took one of the best muscular therapy schools into the country and turned it into the puppy mill of the massage therapy world. Better still, you lied to the students who had either started their courses before the take-over, and also to those of us who started a couple months after, claiming that the curriculum would still maintain the quality that was MTI. You did not, by a long shot. So, no, I am not getting you the piece of paper that will help you maintain what I consider to be an inappropriately held title.

Now leave me alone.
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I am strangely amused by the fact that I narrowly avoided being hit by a car last night, on the same street that Lovecraft grew up on. (I checked Googlemaps.)

Sometimes I'm amused by the oddest things...


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