Mar. 31st, 2011

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Folks with spoiled kitties. These are really pretty...
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I think I may have a new favorite chicken and rice recipe, which is slightly altered from a chicken curry recipe on the Penzey's website.

Turkish Chicken and Rice )
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Endgame season is fast approaching, and I've been doing some thinking regarding what to do about the OOG fact that my knee is likely as good as it's ever going to be again, and the IG fact that Morgan is a front-line fighting thug. I thought about doing the "Wait a while longer and see what happens at fight practices before doing anything", but then realized that, as much as I'd like to deny it, I just can't predict when I'm going to have a bad day and be gimping around with the cane, and events are going to aggravate it. I need to suck it up and adjust things appropriately.

According to boy, my best option is to look into a medical respec, which will entail finding out a.) who, precisely, I discuss that with, b.) what that process is, and c.) oh dear gods, this sort of alters my timeline for the season, at least. Also, I should probably do this before the first Temple event (Canada is already a caster, and besides, I still need to build her in the first place)... *sigh*

*whines* But I didn't wanna be a caster!! *pout*


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