Feb. 18th, 2011

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Seems the jackasses of Westboro Baptist Church have decided to picket a gods-damned PLAY in Portsmouth next week. A friend of mine in the theatric business states "Seacoast Rep has just received news that their BlackBox Production of THE LARAMIE PROJECT will be picketed by www.godhatesfags.com. Now more than ever we need to stand together against intolerance and support this production. They'll be selling tickets at a 50% discount from today until the close of this production. For more information, tickets and showtimes call 603-433-4472 or visit www.seacoastrep.org."

I kinda want to show up and drop rocks on them from the roof. Maybe even a few sharp things, just for fun. People that can afford it should go to the production, just to annoy them, if nothing else. ;)

Hate these fuckers so hard.
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Today was gorgeous, so the camera and I went for a walk. Since I keep forgetting to drop my Netflix DVD into the mailbox, and I needed a direction to walk in, I figured I'd head up to the Post Office. Got a couple of nice pictures and got some nice fresh air while I was at it.

The only thing that bothered me was I now know exactly how far I can walk before my knee gets bitchy at me. On the one hand, I know I should be happy. Five months ago just walking from one side of the house to the other was torture, and going anywhere outside required a cane to get around. Today I can walk a mile and a half. On the other hand, 8 months ago I could walk seven miles more or less non-stop before my body gave out on me, and it's frustrating as all hell. *grumble* I should be grateful I can make it this far now, but dammit it's annoying.

Tomorrow, car-willing, I'm attempting try #3 to visit a friend. Hopefully we won't have a surprise snowstorm again!


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