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I was reminded a little bit ago that Relay is coming up again soon, and I've been a TERRIBLE slacker on fundraising. (I admit, it feels a little odd to be asking for donations to an organization while I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford the gas to get to the event itself!)

However, I've been committed to this for the last year, so here we go. I'm sure many of you reading this are already familiar with the fact that I've been walking the Greater Exeter Area American Cancer Society's Relay For Life for the last few years, but for those that are new to this, here's the deal:

Why Do I Relay? )

I know there are thousands of charities and Walks and organizations all asking for your money, but if you have a few dollars to spare to this cause, I would appreciate it. If you can, my donation page is here, along with my Team, Hope on Fire. We all thank you.

(Pre-emptively: Feel free to share this if you know of others who may be interested. Thanks! I have also cross-posted to Podrozny Studio, as well.)
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Dear allergies~ GO AWAY! *sigh* I hate allergies. They make me fuzzy-headed.

Finally got around to sucking it up and sending the medical respec email for Endgame. Now to learn how to not kill myself with a staff and get better with the aim. The bars had to go, or I was going to keep running into fights. I am also pleased to be free of the bow, as I really didn't like it. So, now I work on redoing my combat abilities. Also, getting myself a staff before June would probably be a good idea.

Got my registration for Relay completed finally. If anyone would like to join our team, please do! We're very small and apparently at least two members will be helping run the event, so we need folks who can walk. We'd love to have you, even if you can only come for a couple of hours!

LP: The importance of balance.

Holy cow!

Jun. 10th, 2010 10:04 am
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It never amazes me quite so much as when people suddenly appear out of the woodwork when a Good Cause is presented. :D Thanks to the awesomeness that are my friends, and their friends, I reached my goal for the Relay donation within a couple hours of posting yesterday. I'd intentionally set it to the minimum goal, since I didn't know if I'd be able to hit anything higher in such a short amount of time, but apparently I could have! You all seriously rock!

Incidently, if there are folks who had wanted to donate, but didn't think they could because the initial goal had been reached, please feel free to do so, anyway. The system won't say no, and every donation above that is that much more that goes to helping fund research, provide hospice care, and other services for people with cancer and their families. Every bit helps!

Thank you again, everyone!
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As many of you may remember from last year, I walked in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life as a member of Team Hope On Fire. I hadn't planned on walking this year (originally I'd been going to volunteer my massage chair, but licensing issues have foiled that plan), and well one thing led to another, and I hadn't gotten around to doing anything else about it.

Then recently I found out that another dear friend is just beginning his battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and dammit, I'm walking again. It's very short notice this year, as the Relay is on June 26th and 27th...just under two weeks from now. Please, if anyone can spare even $5 it all helps. Help to make sure this damned disease goes away for good.

I'm tired of watching people I care very much about fighting this battle.

My Donation Page

If anyone would like, please feel free pass this along. The more money we can raise, the sooner we can hopefully find a cure.
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Relay was this weekend, and it was very interesting. I was sad that I developed a tendon issue in my foot after only 7 miles, but considering a year and a half ago I couldn't have walked a mile, I guess I really can't complain too much. Got a couple of pictures of the event:

Hope On Fire's Booth )

Survivor Lap )

Team Hope On Fire )

The Luminaria Walk was a bit rough. Those who have gone before us into the night... )

I was sad that the Miss Relay pictures came out too dark on my camera. Some of the guys dressed up in drag, and the guy in the black cocktail dress with the pink wig and pink fuzzy slippers was killing me...

All in all, it was a good time and I'm glad I did it.
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Sing for a Cure!
Host: Team Hope on Fire
Start Time: Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time: Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 12:00am
Location: KJ’s Sports Bar
Street: 22 North Main Street
City/Town: Newmarket, NH

Please help support Team Hope on Fire by attending this year's Cureoke event!
Sing a song $5 donation
Raffle-pick your own prize $1 per ticket
Purchase a bracelet, or goodies we've made.
All proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society

Some of the great prizes:
~ $50 GC to Optima Day Spa
~ $25 GC to Mama Lena's Pizzeria
~ Melissa Koren Photography GC {$100+ value}
~ Tastefully Simple Gift basket {$50+ value} (I don't have the particular consultant's website info, or I'd link directly to that instead, but she'll be there.)
~The Newmarket Area Multi-Pass, gift certificates from area businesses generously donated by Jimmy from KJ's!
~ Bayside Distributing will once again be donating something from their generous "prize closet", we never know what they will give us, but it is always awesome! Last year it was a fire pit and 2 hibachi grills, can't wait to see what it is this year!

So if you're in the area Saturday night and want to help a good cause and have some fun stop by and join us!

Hope to see folks there!

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Why do I walk, you ask? Better you should ask for whom do I walk.

I walk for Nora, my ex-husband's grandmother, who lost so much of herself to breast and skin cancer.
I walk for Nancy, the sweetest customer I ever had, who wept in my arms the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I walk for Skippy, one of the bravest, strongest women I know, who's fight with breast cancer I read about daily for a year or more.
I walk for Skippy's co-worker, newly diagnosed.
I walk for Ed, who sat in his rocker and passed quietly into the stars one night, free at last of the tumour on his thyroid.
I walk for Al, Nora's husband, who not only stood by, helpless, while his wife battled cancer time after time, also fought his own fights with it.
I walk for the woman who's name I sadly no longer remember, who wept on my shoulder the day after cancer claimed her husband of 65 years.
I walk for Dell, my ex's other grandfather, who walked himself to the hospital, the day bone cancer claimed his life.
I walk for Grampy, who, like the soldier he was, fought back and lived another 20 years before old age finally overtook him.

I walk to raise money to support the research that will hopefully someday mean that no one will ever have to sit by, helpless, while this disease eats at them or those they love. I walk to raise money to support the programs that provide hospice care and education. I walk because I hate standing by, useless and frustrated, while someone I care about is taken apart by this disease. With a one-in-three ratio, none of us have been untouched by this horror. With those figures, many of us will fight our own battles with it. Please, help me and my team by donating to this cause. Even $5 or $10 dollars helps. Most of us spend more on coffee in a week than that.

Please help us.

My Relay page.

Also, if anyone is interested in joining our team, we'd love to have you! The more of us there are, the more we can raise!

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested, as well. The more we can raise, the more can be done to fight back.


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