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Thanks to the wonderful recommendation of Girliegoalie, and the assistance of my self-appointed fairy godmother, there is a gorgeous, much-missed piano in the dining room downstairs. It needs a little bit of dusting (and some careful elbow grease to remove the wax that apparently got dripped in several spots on the top while my ex-husband had it in his care before he moved to Florida), but is otherwise safe, sound, and in good condition.

Will definitely be keeping the contact information for Bushnell Piano Movers for my future piano moving needs, and recommend them to others, as well. Good rates, really nice guys, and obvious piano lovers. Win!

(Yes, I keep wandering downstairs to pat the piano occasionally. I can't help myself.)
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So, I just checked the mail and got the notice that my storage unit's rates are going up (again) as of August, and unfortunately it's getting too much for me to afford anymore. We should be able to fit both my and Rellik_canard's stuff into one unit, however I have this piano ). Still. (Yes, she's been mentioned before.) Once again, I find myself in the heartbreaking position of realizing that, barring a miracle, I can't afford to keep her where she is, and I can't afford to move her somewhere else, which means I need to find her a new home asap.

I'm going to start asking around at various piano restoration companies and what-not, but figured I'd also mention it over this way (and probably I'll put this on my other blog-type thingy that I link to Facebook so I can hit there, too), but if anyone happens to know someone who'd be interested in an antique Ivers and Pond upright, send 'em my way? (If I can get some cash for her, that would kind of rock, since I do sort of need the money, but really at this point I would be happy if I knew she was going to a good home that would take care of her. She is an antique and as such not a toy for little kids to bang on, but she does need a little restorative work, being nearly 100 years old and all.)


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