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Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned about moving my collection of stuff and things from storage?

Well, here's the deal. On October 16th, I will be making with the rental of a U-Haul to move not only my stuff from storage (currently located in Stoneham...I love the rates listed...ALL LIES!!!!) to here in Pepperell, but will also include the side trip of moving Rellik_canard out of the Wolfeden and into Mighty_1's, as well. Happily as this is primarily a storage unit move, most everything is in boxes already and just needs to go from Point A to Point B. There are, however, several pieces of furniture involved (beds, kitchen set, couch, and a piano), as well, it's everything I own.

At this point in time I'm figuring the usual "get truck and meet at 10 AM, move stuff, will provide pizza/beer/other nibbles for those what can't have pizza" plan. Order of arrangement has not yet been determined, as there may or may not be an additional stop involved. Otherwise,that's what I've got.

At some point I'll need an official head-count so I know whether or not I need to start panicking. ;)
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Edit: The links should be fixed now...

Okay, so this may be a larger project than I had anticipated it to be. So, here is Part 1: The Book Box. Some of them are things I've read, some where things given to me that I've never read, some are my mom's that I inherited and have been collecting dust ever since. I've tried to put the closest edition possible to the one I've got, and all are in decent to good shape. (Some are really old, and as such do have the standard wear and tear associated with age. All have solid bindings and intact covers.)

Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill. )

Also, feel free to repost this list as you please, if you know of folks who might be interested. As a note, I will also be cross-posting this list at my other site Corvus Rising, so if something vanishes it may have wandered off from over there.


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