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I’ve been pondering a thought. It’s a thought that has flaws and holes and a huge number of other things wrong with it, but it’s still a thought. With my knee being crap at the moment (for whatever reason. No, I don’t know what’s wrong. Yes, I’m applying for state assisted health insurance. No, it’s non-negotiable of doing anything other than what I’m able to do in the meantime, unless someone else is paying for the gods only know what the hell cost it’s going to involve to get it looked at without insurance) I am unable to do any kind of table massage and probably shouldn’t even be trying to do chair massage until I can get a diagnoses of sorts. I can, however, do seated work.

What can I do seated? I can do hands/arms and foot/ankle best, and also head/face/neck. The last one, I do need to use the table for, but the first two I can do with a couple of chairs.

My first question is would there be any interest in this sort of thing? The second, what would people be willing to pay and for how long? I can do any of them for about as long as people want, but I’m not sure what the average time frame folks might be interested in would be (I know for myself, I could happily let someone massage my hands for HOURS). The main sticking point after that is where? I no longer have an office space, Pepperell is a bit of a haul for the Known World (not to mention the whole “not wanting to have folks traipsing all over my housemate’s house" idea), and this sort of strikes me as the sort of thing to do en masse instead of by appointment. Like, “Hey, we’re having a pot luck and Melissa’s setting up to do some massage work” or “Booth at the craft fair” sort of thing. I could be wrong, I have been before.

Input/suggestions to Make It Go needed. Please keep in mind that I’m looking for practical things I can do NOW, not later on down the road when I have money/location/healed knee. The above idea, or something similar, is more or less what I am Trying To Make Go.
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Decision made. I am now registered to take Intro to Shiatsu the end of October. Amusingly, the teacher is my original Pathology teacher from school. Yay new skills!
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[Poll #1616545]

(For those who hit the first one, I had to correct something, so I have no idea what you voted! *silly kittybird*)
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Productive day. Got myself listed on the AMTA website, ordered some more massage supplies (another set of linens, some disposable face cradle covers, and a DVD for chair massage), washed the floor outside my room, and a client scheduled for later this evening. I like days like this.

Just as a reminder for the folks who'd spoken to me over the weekend about scheduling, that I have the office available Thursdays and Fridays and will schedule between 12 and 8. Email is riverswaymassage@gmail.com and the phone number is 781-330-0793.
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At some point in the near future (probably starting next week, I want to find out what the deal with this possible part-time job is before I set anything in stone first), I'm going to be dragging my massage chair out of moth-balls to practice chair work. I'm going to need volunteers for this. Something for folks to think about. :) Will update on this as more information comes in.
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If anyone wonders why I do not want to work in a spa setting (especially one of the chain ones), this would be it. This is from today's listing on Craigslist for elements. The language, poor grammar, and horrible abuse of capital letters in the opening of the ad is enough to put me off the idea, and frankly says a lot about how they view the industry and therapists in general:

"Looking To Hire Great, Hard Working Therapists For Our Woburn Studio. Over 800 Members & 1,500 Massages Monthly Between Our Two Studios. Looking for Enthusiastic, Hard Working, Self Motivated, Team Players Who Are Not Looking to Sit Around & Who Are Interested in Making Lots Of Money While Increasing Their Massage Skills!!"

On a different line, my website has a blog on it. I've been tossing around the idea of making use of this, but am not sure what to write about. One idea I've been toying with is an article addressing the most common misconceptions about massage therapy (such as the idea that Swedish massage is only for relaxation, or the idea that the more it hurts, the more effective it's being in getting out the knots, etc.) The problem here? I went through massage school and have no misconceptions about it. I've known too many MT's over the years, and so never really did. So, dear readers, I have a request from you. What do you think massage therapy is? What can it or can't it do? What questions do you have about it?

Also, let me know if you would prefer that I screen responses, or feel free to send them to me at riverswaymassage@gmail.com. :D

Edit: Screened unless otherwise specified...
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So, I found this new button on my website, that allows people to leave reviews, if anyone happens to be so inclined. It seems to take a little while for it to send me the notification for approval, so it doesn't appear right away, but in the end it gets there.

Someday, I'll figure out how to attach a linky-thing from it to the Facebook page, but that's being particularly arcane today.
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One thing I would love to do, and I'm trying to figure out how to manage, is to find someplace that has a room I can rent occasionally for either single sessions, or if I can manage to book a day solid, for the day. The catch? I can't afford a regular rental (hell, right now I'm not sure how I'm going to afford to put the gas in my car or feed the cat by the end of this month, let alone anything else) and won't be able to until a.) I have enough of a steady client base to support it, or b.) another job that can actually support me and cover rent for slow days that may occur.

Basically, what I need is someplace that I can call up and go "Hey, I'd like to use the room for a client or two this week. When is available?" that isn't going to cost me the entire session fee or cause me to have to raise my fee too much higher than I already charge. Ideally, this place would be somewhere between here and Waltham, but really, as long as it's within a reasonable drive for me and the folks I generally will be working with, I'm game for just about anywhere that isn't sketchy.

Not entirely sure how successful I'll be with this, but it's something I'd like, anyway.
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So, since that last and final page of the website is completely kicking my butt lately (I blame the heat making thinking nigh impossible. *blech*), I'm going to toss a basic listing up here for now, complete with my usual level of candor...ya know, the stuff I'm trying to leave off the main website... ;)

Who? Me and you!

What? Swedish massage, with a blend of myofascial, sports, and neurouscular techniques mixed in as needed.

Where? The place of your choosing, so long as it has a minimum of a 6x9 space to set up a massage table in, has adequate privacy, and is within 30 miles of Pepperell, Mass. (Please note, that I am only licensed in Massachusetts and as such cannot technically work in other states as yet.)

When? Current available days are Sunday through Thursday, 12 PM - 8 PM, by appointment.

How many cookies? $65 an hour table-time or $85/for 90 minutes. Payment is expected upon rendering of services. Currently I am not set up for credit card payment (unless previous arrangements have been made to bill payment via PayPal), though I do accept cash or check.

What should you expect? As I am coming to you, expect me to show up at the time scheduled. In general, set-up/clean-up takes approximately 5-10 minutes. (If you need to re-arrange things for the table to fit, please have this taken care of before I arrive, as I will have scheduled my day accordingly, and will need to shorten time spent on the table to compensate.) For a first session, please expect to include an additional 20-30 minutes for paperwork and assessments at the beginning. Additional sessions generally take less time, closer to 10-15 minutes. There will also be a brief "exit" interview following the session to discuss changes, questions, etc. All told, block out approximately an hour and 45-2 hours of time.

The usual disclaimers (I hate having to make these, but in the interest of covering my butt):
*I am a massage therapist, not a doctor. I cannot diagnose or prescribe anything outside of my scope of practice. I can make referrals to the appropriate specialists, if need be.

*I take my job as a health care professional very seriously, and have a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual behavior, suggestions, commentary, etc., of any kind as it relates to the practice of massage. If I feel someone's conduct to be inappropriate I will terminate the session immediately and without refund.

*Regarding cancellations/tardiness: Any cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours prior to a session, barring emergencies (hospital trips, etc.), or you will be billed for the session. If I arrive and you are not ready for me, I will have to take time off of the session length to compensate.

Contact info: The best way to reach me is via email at riverswaymassage@gmail.com. If that doesn't work for you, you may also call me at 603-686-2766 and leave me a message. I will get back to you within 24 hours. (Generally within a couple of hours, really, but just in case something comes up...I'm away from the computer, working, got lost going to the grocery store and somehow ended up in Port-au-Prince...)

If I missed anything, please feel free to comment or email me and let me know/ask.
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Ok, this looks fascinating...Bamboo-fusion massage. I think that I will need to take a course on this once I can afford it. (Mass. AMTA Chapter is offering a 2-day class in October for a decent cost. I'm hoping to be able to make it.)
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Today I officially received my Massage Therapy license in the mail and have it IN HAND!

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So, in the interest of setting up a more or less appropriate practice space/portable massage practice, there are a few things I'm in the market for. I figured I'd see if anyone has any of the items lying around that they would like to unload before I go spend money:

My Need list. )

My Not-Necessary-But-It-Would-Be-Really-Shiny-To-Havelist ).

Like I said, the list, it is small. I'll probably add more as I come across things, but for now that's what I've got.


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