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A little more detail on the planned project I intend to embark on, and why I am curious about using current blogs or a project-specific one.

A brief piece about Art, Mediums, and a bat-shit crazy plan that's just nuts enough it might work. )

Why am I doing this? Well, part of the impetus behind this sudden "OMGMUSTDOSOMETHING!" is that well, to be 100% upright and forthcoming, my Unemployment extensions ran out yesterday. I was supposed to have another week. I did not intend to do this project quite this way, originally. As of yesterday, I'm making this up as I go. My knee is getting a little better, but isn't in any way up to regular massage work. It won't be for months, at least. Even if it was, well there's a reason I lost my office space. 4 different staffing agencies can't find me work. I can't seem to find office work for myself, and I can't afford to take more classes to try and get more training that "potential" employers will disregard based on lack of degree/experience/knowledge of Program X/etc., ad nauseum. I need to do SOMETHING, before my bank account empties out. I have a month or less before that happens. After that? Well, then I'm royally fucked. So, I wrack my brain and try things that shouldn't work, probably won't, but well are just crazy and hair-brained enough to maybe do something. I hope. For now, I'm ignoring the alternatives.


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