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And for today's adventures at Living Plaid: Spring Cleaning and the joys of baking soda.

Tonight, MUPPETS!!!! *does happy dance*
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Dear allergies~ GO AWAY! *sigh* I hate allergies. They make me fuzzy-headed.

Finally got around to sucking it up and sending the medical respec email for Endgame. Now to learn how to not kill myself with a staff and get better with the aim. The bars had to go, or I was going to keep running into fights. I am also pleased to be free of the bow, as I really didn't like it. So, now I work on redoing my combat abilities. Also, getting myself a staff before June would probably be a good idea.

Got my registration for Relay completed finally. If anyone would like to join our team, please do! We're very small and apparently at least two members will be helping run the event, so we need folks who can walk. We'd love to have you, even if you can only come for a couple of hours!

LP: The importance of balance.
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Today I learned that I am perhaps not in good enough shape anymore to combine the activities of dog-walking, poi practice, and gardening all in the same day. Especially a day that includes enough pollen to make my lungs cry. Very much with the sore and the achy tonight.

However, I did get two small test patches of grass-seed put down, figured out how to open and close the composting drum ), and got my herb seeds into their container ). I also may have begged for a return trip to the greenhouse for the orange mint that has been haunting my dreams for the last few days. So, now I have a wee collection of plants growing and hopefully soon to be growing carefully stored on the porch for the night (of course, as I just planted them, it's supposed to get below freezing tonight). Yay plants, though!

Now to go work on getting the next post for Living Plaid written and ready to put up tomorrow. I'm pleased that the Amazon storefront thingy that I put up had a sale before it had even been up for 24 hours. Hopefully this is a good sign! Tomorrow I should also go in the quest for the new printer, while it's on sale for damned near 50% off! Oh, to be able to do my own prints again!


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