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The other day, I discovered crock-pot pumpkin spice lattes. This required purchasing a can of pumpkin. However, the store only had the OMG huge cans, which meant one of two things needed to happen. Either I really liked these things and lived on them exclusively for the next week or three, or I bake a pumpkin pie.

Mind you, I've never baked a pumpkin pie. In my life. As a matter of fact, the only pie I've ever baked was a pecan pie, several years ago. The boy, however, did that lower-lip quivery thing with the look of absolute hopeful pathos, and I sort of had to give in, despite my fear of them. (Yes, I, the woman who gleefully tosses alcohol willy-nilly into any sort of baked good, feared a pie. Don't judge me.) To add to this, it was discovered that Mighty_1 is of the opinion that he does not like pumpkin pie, though has apparently been informed this is due to his only having tried the pies baked by one person, and well, they seem to only use mashed pumpkin and a shell, so this could have something to do with it. He did, however, state he'd be willing to try it, were one to appear on the kitchen counter. Now I had no choice. Between His Pitifulness and the strange need I have to try and find SOME way for people to like just about anything, I had to do it.

Nomadmwe, adding in the pathetic face for pie, didn't help.

*sigh* Damn boys learning I have no way to say no to feeding them!

So, pie pan acquired, I have ventured into uncharted territories, howling with cinnamon wolves and pumpkin spiders, and baked a pumpkin pie. It is currently cooling on the counter. It looks like pie ). It smells like pie. Now all that remains to be seen is whether or not it, in fact, tastes like pie (not to mention good pie), and is also not, in fact, poisonous.

*eyes it nervously*

Edit: Survey says: Pie is good. Boy decrees the peril is too perilous, he must save other from it's peril.
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Hmm... I wonder if the ghost of Baudelaire, Poe, and Hemingway are going to haunt me for using absinthe in the making of cookies?

Also, I'm wondering if it's a bad idea to sip at it while I'm baking...

I should probably take notes on how this little experiment of mine goes, now that I think of it.
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I may, or may not, in fact, have an apple-raspberry crisp bubbling away in the oven as we speak.

That is all.


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