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All the talk (at least on some of the blogs I frequent) about Steampunk lately got me wandering off thinking, and somehow I've ended up starting a solar reliquary (and carefully avoiding inadvertently painting my house-mate's cat copper).

I WIN!!!!!

Oct. 26th, 2010 08:08 pm
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Okay, so earlier today I decided that the deciding factor on which blog service I was going to use depended on ease of setting up a PayPal button and being able to RSS it elsewhere (particularly to here on LJ, for my friends who don't want to deal with 40 different sites). Turns out, it was blogspot. Wgptrey was an absolute dear and helped me with figuring out the syndication stuff to LJ, and after a long wait (there's apparently a several hour lag time between them), it finally came through!

Eeee!!! I didn't blow up the Interwebs!

So, for those who don't feel like looking elsewhere, here! Have an LJ feed!
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So, I'm going to be starting an experiment in the next few days/week or so with regards to my little Nanoartmo project. This is going to have a daily posting component. (I have a longer post that will be posted eventually that explains my nefarious plan a little better.) So, my question, dear readers, is this: Do I start a new blog specifically geared toward this plan, or do I work with what I've already got?

[Poll #1635089]
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Why yes, I do, in fact, have a pair of tiny canopic jars in my art supplies...why do you ask?

*looks innocent*

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I was just thinking last night that next month is Nanowrimo. Not being really into the idea of forcing myself to do writing, I was toying with the idea of doing an art/craft version of it for myself, if nothing else to get back in practice.

Cat Valente ([livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna), an author whose work I love and person I'd love to meet someday, just had a post about doing just that. Alright, Universe, I can take a hint. I will do this project. I will also try, as she is doing, to keep myself honest and motivated by sharing my pieces with folks.

I may even start a little sooner, depending on my level of impatience. ;)


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