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As of today, I am now (finally! Something in it's entirety!) fully set up to be able to produce my own prints.

Guess this means I should start letting the rest of the Foxenwood out of my brain now, huh? Also, new discovery? Gouache over ink is the awesomest thing ever. OMG <3 it.
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It's officially That Time of February. That point where I reach so bloody sick of winter I need to make a greenhouse trip before I start stabbing someone in the face with a snow shovel. Now to figure out the best day to get myself over to Wilton (my favorite greenhouse, the House by the Side of the Road) and wander around their enormous complex, smell the wet earth, the green plants, wave at the koi, and harden my heart against the ivy and the bamboo who will be looking at me mournfully, pleading with me to take them all home. This is, in fact, the only thing that gets me through February, and like clockwork, it inevitably hits about the second week of said vile month. It makes me no end of happy to be this close to it right now. (I suspect I'll end up at botanical gardens when moving closer to Boston happens, eventually.)

Now, though, it is time for me to run off and take His Highness, Prince Fluffybutt for his walkies. :)

PS: Fire, Fiber, and Facebook.
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A little something that's been simmering in my brain for years, and is now demanding to be said.

An artist's perspective on what "Support Local Artists" means.

(This message brought to you by a long time keeping this one unsaid, for fear of offending anyone, and peering into an empty bank account making it impossible to keep quiet on any longer.)
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Finally! Got a reasonable scan of my Sunrise foxen and got it listed up on Etsy.

*hopes* (So far, he's my favorite...)
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By moonlight, starlight, stepping stone.
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A productive day "at the office".
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In yet another milestone, tomorrow I retrieve my stuff from storage. (In an amusing Jungian slip, I originally typed "myself" there.) One of the things I've been wracking through my brain (aside from the self-appointed deadline of having all of the boxes sorted, pared down, things donated/thrown away, and all currently non-useable items sent to Boy's storage unit by December 1st, thereby returning Mighty_1's storage room to him), has been how to store my art stuff neatly and in such a way that when larps are run in the room, there isn't a glaring stack of OOG stuff staring at the PC's.

I figured it out, but it's going to take some work. See, I have this 6-ft. bookcase in storage still. It should fit most, if not all, of my current stock on it. I have this plan to get some wood, a bit of fabric, and maybe the odd bit here and there, and make a "Chinese Screen" door for it. Not that I've ever made one, but I've got an idea of what I want and two helpful guys who know how to build things very easily accessible.

*festers more*

It also prompted an idea for decorative wall/window pieces that I'd kind of like to try and conjure up...


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