Jan. 21st, 2011

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So, I have a plan. It’s a cunning plan. I’m hoping it works. See, if I can scrape together a bit more cash, I can still get my phone turned back on. I also do Tarot and ogham readings (the online kind, not the in-person kind). I’m offering full readings for $15 a spread. Normally, I charge $30.

How does this work? Easy. You click on the PayPal button*, leave me your question in the comment box along with your email, and I send you an email containing your answer (usually about a page or so long) along with a picture of the spread. I can also do a printed version, done on parchment paper, and mail it to you instead, for $20. (This will not include the picture, as my printer does not do photographs anymore. It’s very old, as printers go.) Generally I have them done within 24 hours, though if I get a lot of questions it may take a little longer.

So yeah. That’s my plan. :D

Reading options

*Alternately, email me at corvusrising@gmail.com with all the information, and I can bill you accordingly.

Edit 1/22/11~ As this did pretty well, and a few folks have been directing other folks here, I figured I'd make the edit that says I'll be doing Tarot readings at the currently listed rate until further notice. (At which point, I'll take down the PayPal link. If you want me to do an ogham reading, instead of Tarot, please specify in the little box in PayPal.) Thanks!
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Plan successful! After a long day of reading Tarot cards, not only am I finished with the requests, but I did get just enough to get the phone turned back on. Yay!

Now, I go to bed early, as my brain has gone numb from interpreting.


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